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In my previous blog post, What Is a Niche“, we explored what a niche is and why most advice on the best niches for starting a business is often wrong.

Today’s post goes a step further by exploring winning strategies to help you identify the perfect niche.

Along the way, we’ll need to debunk a long series of myths…

The 3 Evergreen Niches with Millionaire Potential

Instead of racking your brain trying to choose the world’s best niche to sell a super specialized product, which you’ll probably end up buying yourself, along with your parents and friends just to do you a favor, I propose a different approach.

The global economy and the wealthiest companies on the planet are based on three main niches, in which, as human history shows, there will always be a significant group of people willing to spend their money.

These niches are:

  • 1. Money/Wealth
  • 2. Health/Wellness
  • 3. Relationships/Social Status

So, I advise you to start a business related to one of these three big niches.

You can think about differentiation later.

The important thing is to start on the right foot, and relying on one of these three niches is a thoughtful choice.

Why should you choose these three niches, you might be wondering?

Well, because a person who is healthy, wealthy, and has satisfying relationships is a happy person.

Humans don’t want much more in their lives; they just want to be happy, and money, health, and relationships are the ingredients of happiness.

This means that every profitable activity must be based on one of these three niches.

Think about it for a moment; the most profitable professions on the planet are based exactly on these three niches:

  • Personal image consultant ➡️ Relationship/Social Status
  • Luxury/sports car salesperson ➡️ Relationship/Social Status
  • Fashion brand entrepreneurs ➡️ Relationship/Social Status
  • Owners of dating websites ➡️ Relationship/Social Status
  • Plastic surgeon ➡️ Health/Wellness
  • Cosmetic dentist ➡️ Health/Wellness
  • Specialized doctor ➡️ Health/Wellness
  • Nutrition consultant ➡️ Health/Wellness
  • Real estate agent ➡️ Money/Wealth
  • Bank manager ➡️ Money/Wealth
  • Estate lawyer ➡️ Money/Wealth
  • Broker ➡️ Money/Wealth

So, if you want to create a new business with millionaire potential, you need to choose one of these three major categories.

The Misconception of Niche Saturation

Every time I tell one of my readers to start a business in these three niches, I always get the same response:

“Come on! These niches are saturated… there’s no room for anyone anymore!”

I understand and respect this objection, but I want you to consider a concept.

Unless you’re lucky and skilled enough to create something like teleportation, a cure for all diseases, or the ability to live up to 1,000 years, you won’t be able to invent anything different from what already exists.

Do you agree?

I don’t think there are further innovations that could change the course of history, except, precisely, for things like the philosopher’s stone to extract the elixir of long life and teleportation (PS, if you can build a working teleportation device – one that doesn’t send my bust to Melbourne and my backside to New York – give me a call).

Even billion-dollar companies and products like Netflix, iPhone, and Facebook aren’t entirely new innovations; they’re simply improvements or adaptations of existing products and services:

  • The iPhone is simply a combination of a phone and a PC.
  • Netflix is just BlockBuster adapted to the online world.
  • Facebook is the more social version of the good old MySpace.
  • Google itself is an improvement over the old search engine Altavista.com, one of the first search engines in history (now part of Yahoo.com).
  • Robert Kiyosaki did not invent the real estate market; it has existed since the Middle Ages.
  • Anthony Robbins did not create personal development; it is something every human has sought for millions of years.
  • Elon Musk did not invent electric vehicles; they already existed in 1828 (if you’re skeptical, take a look at the Wikipedia page titled History of the Electric Vehicle for more information).

As you can see, everything has already been invented.

When it comes to starting a new business, I’ve shown you how the idea of creating a new category is a common misunderstanding stemming from the misguided teachings of unscrupulous scammers who would sell their own mothers to peddle courses with embarrassing content.

The reality is that all current categories (like real estate, forex, trading, yoga, bodybuilding, and seduction) are simply specializations of the three main categories: money, health, and relationships.

New entrepreneurs don’t need to focus on creating new categories; they just need to focus on creating and selling their own product or service through effective marketing strategies.

To succeed, your product or service must meet three requirements:

  • 1. There must be a sufficiently large market of people willing to spend money on your product or service.
  • 2. Your product or service must fall into one of the three main categories: money, health, or relationships.
  • 3. You must have a differentiating idea.

And if you want, I’ll help you for free to find ideas that meet all these criteria.

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