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I‘ve been fortunate to be born into a well-off family that has always provided for me.

Every day, I thank the Lord for this blessing.

Moreover, I don’t smoke, drink, or gamble, so I’ve never had to panic over huge debts or desperately search the internet for get-rich-quick schemes.

I’m grateful for this too.

Nevertheless, I’ve always been passionate about the internet and technology in general, so I’ve studied everything I could about them.

I’m well acquainted with the internet and all its aspects, including the Dark Web, a network known to few and accessible only with a hidden IP address because it’s entirely illegal.

In many countries, connecting your IP to the Dark Web can lead to arrest by the police.

I won’t dwell on this topic as it’s quite on the edge and has nothing to do with business.

I’m telling you all this to demonstrate that few people in the world understand the intricacies of the internet as I do.

Therefore, I believe, without arrogance, that I have the right to respond to the question posed in this blog post: I’m sorry, but there are no online methods that can make you rich overnight.

The sooner you accept this, the sooner you’ll stop harming yourself financially by giving money to every web scammer in exchange for nothing.

I understand that desperation and anxiety can drive people to seek such solutions, just as we turn to fraudulent “healers” who offer miraculous creams at exorbitant prices when we’re sick, only to find out that these creams are nothing but mud collected from puddles.

I understand, and my heart goes out to these people.

If you too are seeking quick remedies for online wealth, read the entire blog post because it will enlighten you.

It’s free, and I have no intention of selling you anything.

I have no ulterior motives; my sole purpose is to do good.

So, you can choose to believe me or not, but unfortunately, the evidence doesn’t lie.

Getting Rich Online: How the Trading Scam Really Works

There are essentially two ways to get rich quick:

  • Robbing a bank
  • Winning the lottery
  • Stock trading

I’m joking, of course, but ironically, bank robberies have a higher success rate than stock trading.

In trading, to operate successfully and barely make a living from it, you need at least a decade of background studies and knowledge.

Professional traders, those who make a living trading stocks, work more hours than a multinational corporation manager.

They look at charts, study trends, and listen to economic news all day.

This is the real workstation of a professional trader:

A real workstation of a professional trader
A real workstation of a professional trader.
Source: IG.com.

You understand on your own that it can’t be a part-time activity, and investing $200 won’t make you rich.

Enormous starting capital is needed.

In recent years, in Italy as well as the rest of the world, we’ve seen an absurd proliferation of bizarre individuals professing more or less the same ridiculous promise:

“Discovered the secret guarded by the greatest finance investors: Invest in platform X and you’ll get a guaranteed 10% per day!”

It’s already laughable, but I understand that for those who are naive and perhaps don’t know much about the internet and how the market works, it may seem like a legitimate promise of wealth.

However, I’d like you to think logically and with numbers, just give me a moment of your attention.

If someone really knew the foolproof method to earn 10% per day through trading, in 10 years, they would have accumulated all the money ever printed in the world, trillions and trillions of dollars.

How can I make such a claim?

Well, just do the math.

Let’s say I prove to the bank the infallibility of this method, and the bank grants me a loan of one million dollars to test this method.

Of course, if you were to prove such a thing to the bank, you’d find a syringe in your neck, and the next morning you wouldn’t remember anything, while the bank manager you spoke to would be swimming in his Olympic pool in his villa in the Bahamas.

Anyway, let’s not digress.

So, I have this foolproof and certain method to earn 10% per day, okay?


So I invest $1,000,000, and after a week, I’ve almost doubled my investment.

After a month, I have around $17,000,000.

Want to know how much I would have after a year?

Okay, hold on tight: about $143,000,000.

Let’s reason together: do you think that if there was a foolproof method to earn 10% per day and be certain to accumulate over 140 million in just one year, these people would make videos on YouTube promoting this method?

I don’t even think Warren Buffett is aware of such a thing.

The truth is, these scammers earn a percentage from the trading program they promote: you invest, let’s say, $1,000 in the platform they sponsor on YouTube, and they earn a commission.

And while you lose all the money invested because obviously no one knows the future of stocks, they earn from the commissions.

Of course, these trading phenomena only make a few dollars; because no one falls for these scams anymore.

The only thing that surprises me is that Google continues to approve these ads, but you’ll see they have little life left, exactly like affiliate links that are now banned.

My brother, believe me: There’s nothing legal that guarantees you’ll become rich online in two days.

If there were, I would tell you about it in this blog.

I don’t deny that there may be companies looking for someone to do small jobs online or remotely, like checking a database or responding to emails, but honestly, I don’t know any, and often these small tasks are assigned to someone already working in the company, in exchange for some paid extra work.

And anyway, these aren’t the jobs that guarantee wealth.

Unveiling the Various Online Wealth Scams

Whether it’s trading or any other online scam, consider this: if someone truly possessed the secret to making X amount of money, would they sell it to you?
The Secret by Rhonda Byrne book coverTake, for instance, Rhonda Byrne’s book “The Secret,” which has earned itself a place in my list of business books you should NEVER read.

The so-called secret of this book is nothing more than the overhyped law of attraction: believing strongly in something will make it happen, which obviously doesn’t work because action is needed to achieve anything.

Now, if Rhonda Byrne really knew “the secret,” do you think she would have shared it with the world?

Obviously not.

She probably would have secluded herself in a room, intensely focusing on her desires, and the law of attraction would have magically delivered them to her.

What interest would she have in sharing such magic?

If this secret were true, why would she need to profit from selling books that explain it?

Simple: because the secret DOESN’T work, and to become wealthy she had to sell a book peddling one of the biggest scams of our century.

Make no mistake, “The Secret” is a marketing phenomenon worth studying, but only in its sales principles, not in its content, which, I reiterate, is a scam.

How to Seriously and Legally Get Rich Online

I hope you understand that trying to get rich online from morning till night is pretty pointless because such methods don’t exist.

If they did, believe me, I would have already discovered them.

To make money, you have to sell something that the market wants to buy.

And I’m not necessarily talking about selling an object; it could be a service or generating income through AdSense ads on your blog.

It could be selling views on a video so that YouTube pays you.

But it still has to be something that interests the market, or else you won’t earn.

This means conducting market research, finding the right niche, creating your blog, your YouTube channel, and essentially all the marketing infrastructure, understanding its principles, and selling your brand in the market.

All things that I explain to you for free in the blog post How to Start a Business.”