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It‘s too late; we should have started 10 years ago.”

“The market is already saturated.”

“Trying to grow on YouTube today is a waste of time.”

These are the fears that every person has when approaching YouTube, wishing to create their own channel and make their voice heard in the sea of videos.

I admit that at first glance, the task may seem daunting, considering that millions of videos are published on YouTube every second.

But then, why do new creators emerge worldwide every year, somehow carving out their space in the market?

If the world of television has managed to maintain people’s attention for almost 100 years, why shouldn’t a similar discussion apply to YouTube?

The truth is that if you have something valuable to say, becoming a YouTuber and living off YouTube earnings is not only possible but also not as complicated as it might seem.

Note: I’m writing this lesson assuming that you’ve already read all the technical blog posts I’ve written about YouTube.

Content is crucial, but you need to understand how to set up a channel correctly and position a video effectively using YouTube’s SEO.

So, before moving forward, read all the technical lessons about YouTube.

The Number One Problem That Holds You Back from Growing on YouTube

The very first crucial point to consider when approaching this platform is understanding how we can bring value to the vast YouTube market.

Most people start a YouTube channel because they have the goal of becoming a YouTuber and living an extraordinary life.

However, if you adopt this mindset, there is a significant problem.

A big one, in fact.

All these motivations revolve around one subject: ME.

“I want to become a YouTuber, I want to live an extraordinary life.”

This can be referred to as an egocentric or selfish mentality.

Don’t worry; to some extent, it’s something that unites us all.

However, if we think this way, we have a marketing problem.

Growing on a social platform is ultimately a matter of marketing, if you think about it.

We live in a world where every day we have more choices about what to watch than we’ve ever had in history.

Why should someone watch your videos?

To help you achieve your dream of becoming a YouTuber?

Here’s the harsh truth of the day: no one cares about you or your dreams.

No one will click play on your video to help you achieve your goal.

For people, their time is a cost, and a high one at that.

The only reason someone will watch your videos while ignoring their Instagram notifications for 10 minutes is because they believe it’s worth it.

That person is unconsciously thinking that those 10 minutes spent watching your face on their screen are a good investment.

You can’t disappoint their expectations.

So, don’t think about yourself; think about your audience.

The number one rule for growing on YouTube is understanding how you can bring value to your audience.

How can you make a difference in someone’s life?

What problems can you solve for your followers?

How can you impact the lives of those who follow you?

What role will you play in their day?

The key to any kind of growth is providing value to others.

We need to start having a market-oriented mindset.

Stop thinking about yourself.

Think about them.

That’s the mantra.

Your audience is your compass.

Making this shift from focusing on yourself to focusing on the market will help you determine the best course of action every time you face a choice.

Understand what your audience wants and then try to give it to them in the best possible way.

Types of Videos to Avoid

I see a lot of people trying to monetize their lifestyle on YouTube.

Listen to me carefully: forget about it.

There is no presumption in what I’m saying, and I apologize if I’ve been so direct, but personal videos where you showcase your daily life unfortunately don’t have a significant following.

In light of what I wrote earlier, what value do you bring to the market by showing your everyday life?

We can’t get into people’s heads and convince them that it’s worth watching videos of our completely ordinary days.

Perhaps initially, a good number of people might follow you, but in the long run, your followers will plateau, and your channel won’t grow any further because there isn’t much interest.

I have no interest in telling you this if it weren’t true, but wanting to help as many people as possible make money with serious businesses, I would like you to invest your efforts in much more profitable actions.

If you don’t have a billionaire lifestyle, daily mundane actions in a “Big Brother” style have very little following.

The not-so-secret secret to consistently growing and thriving on YouTube is to focus on a niche, which incidentally is the key to starting any business.

If you don’t have a focused channel and don’t target a specific niche, it’s very difficult for you to become a professional YouTuber because you don’t offer any reason for people to follow you.

If today you post a video while cooking, and tomorrow you post another while getting dressed for a jog, you might have some viewers, but in the long run, people always choose to follow those who have a channel that focuses on a specific niche and posts all their videos related to that niche.

Types of Videos with Limited Followers

Of course, not all niches on YouTube can guarantee you millions of dollars and tens of millions of subscribers.

There are categories on YouTube where you can indeed earn good money, but it’s unlikely you’ll make millions of dollars or surpass a million subscribers in your channel.

I’m talking about the category of technical videos, namely, “How to do […]” videos.

When you create videos that explain how to do something, you’ll certainly get a lot of views.

The problem is that those who search for these videos often want an immediate solution to a problem or a question and have no interest in following you.

Some time ago, I created a video where I explained WordPress in great detail.

That video was viewed by about a hundred people, but do you know how many subscribers it generated?


Just two poor subscribers.

The second problem is that technical videos often need updates, and as you well know, you can’t update a video.

You only have to publish evergreen videos.

For example, I can talk about marketing strategies that have been in use since the 1800s – human psychology never changes; it’s the same as in prehistoric times.

But it doesn’t make sense to create a step-by-step video on how to create a Facebook Ads campaign because Facebook’s graphics change more frequently than the government in Italy.

The problem is that evergreen videos eventually run out.

You can create multiple videos that reiterate the same evergreen concept in your niche, approaching it from different angles in each video, but eventually, even evergreen videos come to an end.

Technical videos work only if you demonstrate how to use your product or get the most out of your service.

You can send links to these videos to customers seeking clarification, and perhaps these videos will help you sell your product or service.

In this blog, I explain exactly this type of video because I teach marketing and business.

However, if you want to become a YouTuber without having products to sell and see your channel grow consistently, you need to create videos as I will explain in the following paragraphs.

The Only Evergreen Niche for Success on YouTube

And here we are with the true evergreen trend on YouTube: entertainment.

That’s right, my friends.

Create videos that make people smile, and you’ll gain subscribers as if they were falling from the sky.

Furthermore, the earnings from entertainment on YouTube are much higher compared to any other type of video because advertisers know that these videos will be seen by many people, so they are willing to pay more to place their ads in them.

This means more money for you.

Entertainment, in its essence, serves to provide an escape from everyday reality.

People seek content that stimulates their imagination, relaxes them, or simply makes them laugh (a very hot trend).

Let’s take TV series, for example.

Shows like “Stranger Things” or “The Crown” have gained enormous popularity for their ability to immerse viewers in captivating worlds and compelling stories.

These series manage to create an emotional connection with the audience, encouraging them to return episode after episode.

The key to their success?

Engaging entertainment that transports the viewer into an alternate reality filled with emotions, suspense, and memorable characters.

A prominent example of success in YouTube entertainment is MrBeast, the YouTuber with the highest number of subscribers in the world, whom I have often used as an example in this blog.

You can’t think of becoming a YouTuber without studying MrBeast.

His videos, ranging from extreme challenges to generous acts of charity, stand out for their originality and ability to keep viewers glued to the screen.

His growth has been phenomenal; consider that in 2022, he had “only” 91 million subscribers, and the statistics of his channel are constantly experiencing exponential growth.

In addition to his main channel, he manages other successful channels such as Beast Philanthropy, MrBeast Gaming, and Beast Reacts, and he even runs a team that translates his content into various languages to reach an even wider audience.

What’s the secret to his success?

Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson understands perfectly that entertainment is not just fun; it’s also a way to create a community and a sense of belonging among his millions of followers.

From a technical standpoint, it all starts with his ability to capture attention.

MrBeast understands the importance of an attention-grabbing title and a vibrant thumbnail.

He doesn’t just use impressive numbers or describe absurd actions; he ensures that every promise made through the title and thumbnail is kept in the video, offering a high-quality entertainment experience.

But capturing attention is just the first step.

Did you know that a person decides whether to continue watching a video within a few seconds?

For this reason, MrBeast optimizes the introductions of his videos to be concise and immediately pique curiosity – essential elements for maintaining the viewer’s attention.

But what truly sets MrBeast apart from other YouTubers is his dedication to entertainment.

His philosophy is based on the idea of producing the best YouTube videos possible.

He doesn’t focus on reaching a certain number of subscribers; instead, he prioritizes the inherent quality of the video.

So… do you want to become a YouTuber who earns substantial figures?

There’s no other way than creating entertaining content.

However, as MrBeast commands, your videos must be of extremely high quality.

Compared to a few years ago, growing rapidly on YouTube has become more challenging as many niches are now saturated with content and channels with a decent following.

That’s why focusing on quality has become crucial.

In the “early days” of YouTube, even less polished videos could achieve good success and go viral, but today, this rarely happens.

That’s why you need to invest time and resources in improving the quality of the videos you publish.

How can you improve the quality of the videos on your channel?

Try to pay attention to every detail.

Take the time to choose the script and location for each video, lighting, audio quality, editing, pacing, and so on.

To create quality videos, you also need to equip yourself with the right gear.

There’s no getting around it: to shoot quality videos, you need quality devices.

Regarding video recording, I recommend having a professional video camera and/or a good camera phone (a smartphone with a good camera).

In addition to that, make sure to have a good microphone (audio quality is as important as the video clips themselves) and any “extra” accessories to use as needed (e.g., action cameras, tripods, gimbals, softboxes, etc.).

Ideas for Successful YouTube Channels

If I were to become a YouTuber tomorrow – after crying for hours due to my aversion to cameras and camcorders – I would focus on some types of evergreen channels that I’ll now share with you.

World Exploration

Drop everything: work, friends, and family, and start traveling the world, capturing everything you can and creating a video for each city you visit.

You’ll sustain yourself with the money from YouTube that will pour in after just a dozen or so videos.

There are many YouTube channels that showcase the world, but they all lack something.

Some only show poor places, while others only feature luxurious locations.

I recommend a middle ground.

Publish videos of impoverished cities alongside videos of luxurious cities.

In other words, show every corner of the world.

Showcase the beauty of our planet’s unspoiled nature alongside man-made structures.

Show the beauty of untouched Australian wilderness alongside the skyscrapers of New York, the desolation of Antarctica, and the Sahara Desert.

This is one of the channels with the most potential for success that could ever be created.

International Cuisine

A cooking channel that presents recipes from around the world.

You can explore a wide range of cuisines from across the globe, not only presenting recipes but also the culture and stories behind each dish.

Each episode could focus on a specific country or region, exploring unique ingredients, culinary techniques, and local traditions.

In addition to tutorials, the channel could include interactive challenges with viewers, live cooking lessons, and collaborations with famous chefs from different countries.

It would also be interesting to create videos that take viewers on a journey through different regions, exploring local markets, restaurants, and culinary traditions.

I’d like it to be called “Cooking Without Borders” or the more classic “Flavors of the World.”

International History and Culture

The idea of a YouTube channel focused on “World Stories and Cultures” offers a unique opportunity to explore and share the rich traditions and fascinating stories of various global cultures.

The channel could dedicate itself to discovering and narrating stories, myths, legends, and customs from different cultures around the world.

The goal is to educate, entertain, and inspire viewers by showcasing the diversity and beauty of global cultural traditions.

The use of virtual illustrations and faithful reconstructions with cinematic techniques and augmented reality is mandatory to take viewers on a virtual journey to the places where these stories and traditions originate.

This channel would not only be educational and informative but also visually captivating and emotionally engaging, offering viewers a window into the cultural wonders of our world.

Creativity and Digital Art

A YouTube channel dedicated to digital art and creativity is particularly captivating in an era dominated by technological innovation and digital artistic expression.

Content could range from videos offering step-by-step instructions on various aspects of digital art, such as digital drawing, 3D modeling, animation, and the use of specific software and tools.

You could host interviews with established and emerging digital artists, providing a behind-the-scenes look at their creative processes, projects, and careers.

You could launch regular creative challenges and contests to encourage community participation and feature viewers’ work on the channel.

For now, these are the ideas that come to mind.

If I come up with more, I’ll update this blog post.

How to Increase Subscribers on Your Technical Channel

One of the most effective ways to increase views on your YouTube videos on a technical channel, where you share guides and demonstrations on how to do something, is to harness the power of your newsletter.

When it comes to creating technical content, videos often provide a clearer and more detailed demonstration than blog posts or written descriptions.

That’s why using your newsletter to promote your videos can be an excellent strategy to get more views.

Here are some tips:

  • Complementary Content: Ensure that the content of your video and the content in the newsletter complement each other. For example, if your video demonstrates how to set up a router, the newsletter can include additional details, tips, and related resources. This way, people will be more inclined to watch the video after reading the newsletter.
  • Direct Link to the Video: Include a direct link to the video in your newsletter message. Spell it out and explain that clicking the link will take them to your YouTube channel.
  • Brief Explanations: In the newsletter, briefly explain what the video is about and why they should watch it. Highlight the key benefits or information they can gain from the video.
  • Call to Action (CTA): Add a clear call to action at the end of your newsletter message. Ask your subscribers to share the video with their friends or leave a comment.

A Personal Note

I would love to actively participate in the creation of these channels, of course, for free and without claiming a share of the revenue.

My motivation is purely driven by passion.

I would be content with a testimonial on this blog.

If you need advice on how to start and manage your YouTube channel, please contact me, and I will provide you with all the tips and techniques I am aware of to become a professional YouTuber.