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Google’s Official YouTube Guide

Even if you already have one, I recommend that you follow this blog post as a review to create your YouTube channel.

Make sure you have completed all the tasks I show you.

For a detailed technical guide on creating a YouTube channel, you can refer to Google’s official YouTube guide.

YouTube Channel Graphics

The visual elements of a YouTube channel, such as the logo and cover, are the first things that viewers notice when they visit your channel.

Their purpose is to communicate the topic of your videos to the audience effectively.

To create your channel’s graphics, you can use Canva.

A valuable tip: keep your cover graphics simple and clean.

When it comes to YouTube channel graphics, remember that less is more.

Your channel’s graphics should prominently feature your brand and company name.

Furthermore, avoid using too many elements in the cover, as it may not display well on all devices.

A fantastic example of a YouTube channel with a simple yet effective graphics design is Zoella‘s.

Her channel graphics consist of a solid background with her name and a simple design, allowing viewers to easily recognize her brand and identify her videos.

Another essential piece of advice: keep it up-to-date.

Regularly updating your YouTube channel graphics will keep it fresh and relevant.

You can adjust the graphics to reflect seasonal events, launch of new products, or branding updates.

A great case in point is Casey Neistat’s YouTube channel.

Casey frequently updates his channel graphics to match his latest video or project, ensuring that the visuals remain relevant and engaging for his audience.

YouTube Channel Description

The channel description is often overlooked, yet it plays a fundamental role in our channel’s success.

Similar to a website’s “About” page, the YouTube channel description serves as an introduction to our content, conveying the issues we address and the target audience we aim to serve.

The ultimate goal is to convert casual viewers into devoted subscribers and consumers of our content.

The correct description of your YouTube channel is your differentiating idea.

YouTube Channel Keywords

Keywords don’t always yield immediate results and, in some cases, may not yield any results at all.

However, they prove invaluable in the long run, particularly after publishing a significant number of videos, as they aid the algorithm in suggesting our content in related contexts.

Your chosen keywords should be relevant to all the content and topics within your niche, particularly those that you’ll cover in your videos.

Avoid the temptation of inserting random keywords or relying solely on personal intuition, as some seemingly fascinating keywords may have low monthly search volumes.

Instead, adopt a practical approach that offers certainty by identifying keywords that are genuinely sought after on YouTube.

Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  • 1. Visit Ahrefs (it’s free).
  • 2. Select YouTube.
  • 3. If your target audience is global (which I recommend), leave the United States as the reference country. Otherwise, enter your specific target country.
  • 4. Enter the primary topics within your niche.
  • 5. Add all relevant keywords that suit your content.

Include all the keywords starting from the first one, sorting them by “GV” from largest to smallest, which is the abbreviation for Global Volume, meaning the global search volume.

YouTube Channel Homepage

The home page of your channel should incorporate the following elements:

Video trailer

Crafting an effective video trailer for your channel demands a different approach from educational content.

Keep it concise, with a focus on conveying your unique message within 2 minutes.

Remember, attention spans are short, and exceeding the 2-minute mark may deter viewers.

Here’s a guideline for what to include:

Step 1: Start by introducing yourself and your YouTube channel.

For example:

“Hello, everyone! I’m Alessandro from The Business Homepage.com…”

Step 2: Briefly explain the mission of your videos and articulate how your videos intend to assist and benefit the viewers.

For example:

“In these videos, I’ll guide entrepreneurs worldwide for free through the step-by-step process of growing their businesses or starting new ones from scratch.”

Step 3: Include a compelling Call to Action (CTA).

For example:

“I’ve prepared a free [EBOOK/VIDEO/WEBINAR] where I delve deeper into […]. Watch it for free and without obligation by clicking the link in the description. Looking forward to hearing from you soon! Bye for now, and thank you for watching this video till the end.”

Ensure the video description contains a link to your Landing Page.

Videos and Playlists

Following the trailer, organize the home page to showcase the most recent uploaded videos and playlists in the following sequence:

  • Latest uploaded videos
  • Popular videos
  • All the playlists you have created, which we’ll talk about now

YouTube Channel Playlists

Let’s delve into the topic of playlists.

A playlist is a curated collection of videos that revolve around a specific topic or belong to a particular niche.

Essentially, think of playlists as analogous to the categories you establish for your blog (it’s advisable to name them in a similar manner).

Well-structured playlists can effectively position you within a YouTube niche, catering to both search algorithms and content recommendation systems.

TV Series Concept

I would never listen to any business advice from Dan Lok because he has never proven himself as an entrepreneur.

However, he’s an excellent YouTuber – like all business trainers – so here’s an intriguing idea he shared that YouTube seems to like: thinking of playlists as TV series.

Craft a playlist and label it “[NICHE] Series – Season 1″, limiting it to a maximum of 20 videos.

For instance, “Marketing Series – Season 1” and “Copywriting Series – Season 1”, to name a few.

Whenever a playlist reaches 20 videos, start a new playlist with the same title but add “Season 2” and continue this pattern indefinitely.

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