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How can we optimize our social media posts to attract followers and potential customers for our business?

Let’s begin immediately with a crucial concept: if you’re reading my blog, it means you’re either an entrepreneur or a freelancer.

Therefore, your personal social profiles are directly linked to your business.

I want to emphasize this point to clarify: as an employee, once your workday ends, you can post anything on your social profiles.

Whether the company you work for earns 100 or 500, it doesn’t affect you; your salary remains the same.

So you can manage your profile as you wish.

However, for an entrepreneur, it’s a completely different scenario.

Every action you take for your business should bring you leads or paying customers, and your social profiles are no exception.

As we’ve already seen in the introductory blog post on social media marketing, trying to sell directly on social media is wrong and quite embarrassing.

Therefore, you should use your personal profile as a showcase to attract as many leads as possible.

In this blog post, I’ll show you how to create your own personale business-oriented social profiles.

“But I already have my social media profiles!”

I’m sorry, but I must share some unfortunate news: in order to implement an effective social media marketing strategy, you cannot work with your current social media profiles.

Platforms like Facebook and Instagram will become your new workplace, and it’s not appropriate to mix educational content with old photos, videos, or posts that don’t present you in a professional light as an entrepreneur.

You’ll need to remove all your previous content.

Your past digital presence must be wiped clean, and you should begin utilizing social media exclusively to attract potential clients.

The reason behind this is quite simple: you must demonstrate to potential clients that you are a successful entrepreneur, that your business idea is effective, and that you are genuinely passionate about your work.

Building social proof is crucial.

Henceforth, you should only publish content that directly relates to your business.

The best approach is to completely overhaul your current social media profiles and recreate them from scratch, following the strategy I’m about to explain.

How to Create a Business-Oriented Instagram Profile

Creating a business-oriented profile on Instagram is very simple.

First, in your privacy settings, make your profile open and visible to all.

A private profile is suitable for ordinary individuals, not entrepreneurs.

If your profile is private, people won’t be able to see your content, and few will follow you.

Contrary to what marketers might say, followers are essential.

A high number of followers serves as a primary source of social proof.

Profile Name

Let’s start with the profile name.

You should create a new profile with your first and last names, without adjectives or nicknames.

Avoid names like “John Doe – Realtor” or “John Doe – Architect.”

Just use “John Doe.”

For the username, separate your first and last name with a period, underscore, or hyphen (e.g., “john.doe,” “john_doe,” or “john-doe”).

It’s likely that this username will already exist, so you can add your job title to it (e.g., “john.doe.architect” or “john.doe.realtor”).

Profile Photo

Your profile photo should convey seriousness and trust.

Let me be clear: on social media, we must appear of higher status.

And there is only one way to achieve this: use professional photos.

By using professional photos, you can appear to have higher status and convey the message that there is a professional entrepreneur behind the profile who takes their job seriously.

I understand that some of these concepts might surprise or upset some people, and I also understand that some might think the world has become too superficial.

I agree, but as entrepreneurs, our task is to apply what works both strategically and legally, regardless of personal agreement.

You don’t have to like this information or agree with it; the important thing is that it helps you acquire more leads.

The first step to acquiring leads is to be an authority in the eyes of our followers, and authority is built with professional photos that portray us elegantly and with class.

Therefore, you should take a photo of yourself in the foreground, without logos or special filters.

A front-facing photo of yourself while looking at the camera and smiling is ideal.

Wearing a suit and tie or professional attire is always appropriate:

Dan Lok
Dan Lok.
Source: Amazon.com.

Do not edit the photo with special filters, do not include images of children, cats, or dogs, and do not show body parts other than your face.

You are not an influencer, and you shouldn’t mind receiving comments like “Sexy!!”.

You are an entrepreneur, and your profile photo should be professional.

Close-up shots of faces are a uniquely powerful type of imagery.

Studies on the psychology of images have shown that faces trigger a cognitive bias inherent in our brains.

Research by Buffer.com has scientifically proven that people trust entrepreneurs who display their photos prominently on social media.

However, you can learn one lesson also from influencers: vary your profile picture according to the seasons, special events, or simply when you feel you have taken a better one.

Changing your profile photo from time to time shows that you take care of your profile.

Note: I’m always referring to close-up and professionally dressed photos of yourself.


Imagine someone visiting your Instagram profile for the first time.

One of the first questions they will ask themselves is, “Why should I follow this profile?”

That’s why it is important to immediately state who you are and what you do.

I personally like to write a list of two items about me (please, no motivational phrases):

  • Your area of specialization
  • Your country

Use emoticons: They capture attention.

For example:

  • ๐Ÿ‘” Entrepreneur, blogger, YouTuber, marketing specialist, business writer, and other strange stuff.
  • From Switzerland.


There should be a significant difference between the number of followers you have and the number of people you follow.

This creates a sense of authority.

Watch profiles of people with millions of followers on Instagram; they typically follow very few people.

I recommend only following a maximum of 20 people, better if they are the gurus of your niche.

These seemingly small details make a difference in business today.

What to Post on Instagram

Instagram originally started as an image-sharing platform, but then shifted its focus to videos, like every other social media platform.

Why did this happen?

Because the longer people spend on the platform, the more ads they see, and the more Instagram earns.

Photos don’t keep users engaged for long, while videos keep people hooked on Instagram, increasing the likelihood that they will view and click on ads.

In an interview in early 2023, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri acknowledged that too much importance has been placed on video over photos, and that in the coming years, visibility will be evened out.

To me, this seems like a statement from a savvy politician trying to appease everyone and still continue on their own path.

It’s just my opinion, of course.

However, I believe that videos will have much more prominence on all platforms in the future, especially considering the rise of TikTok, which is based solely on short videos, since it is the content that brings the most engagement.

Based on all these considerations, you may have guessed that the content to post on Instagram are the educational video content.


Your Instagram feed serves as a “storefront” for your profile.

Just like a shopkeeper wouldn’t want an unappealing storefront, you should avoid presenting a dull feed.

The content you should post on your feed consists of your free videos, as previously explained, but you must pay close attention to their covers.

The most aesthetically pleasing and inviting Instagram feeds feature similar images, often incorporating only two or three colors.

Content uniformity is crucial: posting too many different images or employing an excessive variety of colors diminishes the attractiveness of your feed:

Example of an excellent Instagram feed
Example of an excellent Instagram feed.
Source: Dana Nicole Design.

The advice I’m giving you is to create video thumbnails with the title prominently featured and an image in the background that complements the title.

Always use a maximum of 2/3 colors; don’t present a feed with hundreds of colors like Harlequin, as it will be less appealing.

For those skilled in graphic design, I recommend transforming all their covers using the Teal & Orange filter.

This is a very attractive filter on Instagram.

Always accompany each video with a caption of at least 200 characters that can persuade viewers to watch the entire video (you can copy the introduction of the blog post that the video refers to).


The use of Instagram Stories is crucial because it is through the stories that you will try to sell your newsletter subscription.

Stories should be images, not videos, because time is limited and people must be able to see our message right away.

It’s important to post these five stories every day, all at the same time.


The first story should be a preview of your free content, with a caption that reads “New Content.”

Create an image with Canva and write the text “New Content” inside it:

Example of Instagram marketing stories
Example of Instagram marketing stories.
Source: Canva.


You can share screenshots from WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Messenger, or photos (with people’s consent) – anything that demonstrates that people are attaining the promised results through your product/service.

If you don’t have clients yet, you can share your own results.

Testimonials are a powerful tool.

However, refrain from posting more than six testimonials per day, as some of your clients may not have the time or desire to view additional ones.

Some entrepreneurs publish hundreds of testimonial stories every day, but I have observed – based on the results of my readers – that sharing too many stories can lead users to get bored and only watch two or three at most, causing them to skip the last story we have to post, the most important one of all, which we will discuss now.

Therefore, post a minimum of three and a maximum of six testimonials per day.

Until you acquire new testimonials, you can use the same ones each day.


As the last story of the day, you should post a call to action encouraging people to download your lead magnet.

You can create an image with the following text:

“As evident from the numerous testimonials I’ve received, my system and idea have proven to be effective. If you’re interested in discovering more and becoming my next success story, I invite you to download my ebook/watch my free video to learn how to […].”

How to Grow Your Instagram Profile for Free

Most marketers argue that having a large number of Facebook friends and Instagram followers is entirely useless.

They believe that this number only inflates egos and serves no economic purpose.

The second part of this statement is true.

Having many followers on social networks does not automatically translate into a lot of money.

However, the first statement is entirely false because followers are not useless.

Typically, individuals making such assertions have no more than 10,000-15,000 followers on Instagram and 800-900 friends on Facebook, and they often lack the knowledge of how to boost these figures, despite their strong desire to do so.

Therefore, they justify their lack of growth by claiming that the number of followers and friends is meaningless.

In reality, these numbers matter.

Whether one likes it or not, it is a matter of social proof.

An Instagram profile with only 1,000 followers is not seen as authoritative.

We could argue forever about how foolish, immature, and unfair this is, but the outcome remains the same.

If we want to be successful as entrepreneurs, we must familiarize ourselves with this concept: today, authority and social status are measured by the number of followers and engagement we receive on social media.

If you want to become a millionaire entrepreneur, you will have to become accustomed to the phrase “social proof” and also strive to understand its meaning.

If a scientific luminary discovered the cure for all diseases but only had 1,000 followers on social media, the public would label them a charlatan without verifying the veracity of their claims.

This is because those few followers would not give them authoritative status.

On the other hand, a scam artist with one million followers who promises financial freedom will automatically be perceived as authoritative and credible.

It’s unfair that a doctor who saves lives only has 5k-10k followers while an influencer who contributes nothing to life has millions, but unfortunately, we didn’t create the rules.

The fact remains: you must have a large following on Instagram and a high number of friends on Facebook to be perceived as an authority.

In the lines ahead, I will demonstrate the techniques used by major influencers to acquire Instagram followers who may potentially be interested in your content and, particularly, in your product or service.


I really don’t know what to tell you about Instagram hashtags.

Have you ever heard an entrepreneur begin a lesson by saying they don’t know what to say?

Well, when it comes to hashtags, nobody knows anything.

Why do I say this?

Because until a few years ago, hashtags were the only free way to advertise our content on Instagram.

Today, instead, their importance has been practically reduced to zero.

I have tried all known hashtag techniques, but the result is always the same: very few views of the content and zero followers.

Nowadays, a photo with 30 hashtags has the same visibility as a photo without hashtags, so I suggest you don’t use them.

If things change in the future, I’ll be sure to update this lesson.

Interact with Other Profiles Through Likes and Comments

This is the first really effective technique to promote our Instagram profile for free.

Although many people use Instagram as a platform for posting videos and photos for their own sake, Instagram is not just that; it’s a social network.

The keyword here is “social.”

The essence and purpose of social networks are the interactions between users.

The more interactions there are, the longer people stay on the platform, and the more Instagram earns thanks to Instagram Ads.

It’s the same principle as always.

Simply posting visually appealing content will not attract followers.

A few followers will arrive, especially at the beginning when Instagram pushes your profile as new.

However, when this automatic boost runs out, you might not see followers for a while, even though you’re consistently posting new content.

So, if you want to increase your followers for free, you need to engage with other users.

Focus on interacting with profiles that share similar interests with you.

The goal is to build relationships with these individuals.

There is an effective method to achieve this result without making you appear like a desperate attention seeker:

  • 1. Search for the main hashtags of your target market (those with millions of results) and find accounts with over 1 million followers who regularly post content under these hashtags.
  • 2. Like five of their latest posts (ones that you genuinely like) and write a comment for at least two of the posts you liked.
  • 3. Open the comments of the posts, and if you come across a comment you genuinely appreciate, take a look at the author’s profile. If they have a small number of followers (fewer than 1,000 followers), like their comment.
  • 4. Engage by liking and commenting on some of the posts from these profiles with few followers, following the method I will demonstrate shortly.
  • 5. Continue this process for as long as you desire.

Many of the poor-quality profiles that seldom receive engagement from other users will be enthusiastic about receiving your likes and comments, and as a result, they will visit your profile.

If they find your content interesting, they will start following you.

Note: Avoid using generic and uninspired comments such as “Beautiful photo!” or “Great comment!”

People can tell when comments are insincere and just aimed at gaining followers, so they will not pay attention to you.

Instead, showcase your human side and offer genuine and sincere comments that reflect your personal point of view.

Here are some examples of effective comments:

  • “Great post [NAME]! I completely agree with you. Additionally, I can share that [INSERT YOUR PERSPECTIVE HERE].”
  • “It’s true [NAME], the same thing happened to me as well. Even one of my [CUSTOMERS/PATIENTS/STUDENTS] experienced this issue, and [INSERT YOUR EXPERIENCE HERE].”
  • “Finally, someone is speaking the truth. Our industry is filled with scams. This happened to me once [INSERT YOUR STORY HERE].”

Other Techniques


Content that receives a lot of authentic comments (not generated by bots) receives a significant boost in visibility from Instagram.

You can encourage comments by asking open questions in the captions (“What do you think?” “How would you act?” Etc.).


Live shows are among the elements that YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook value the most.

Announce to your followers that you will be going live for a Q&A session on a specific day and at a specific time.

During the live stream, answer your followers’ questions, engage with them, and pay attention to their comments.

Live streams are crucial for social media because they keep people engaged and spending time on the platform for the entire duration of the show.

Additionally, note that live streams significantly increase the likelihood of your audience perceiving you as an authority in your field.