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The Story of Million-Dollar Google Ads

Back when I worked as a real estate agent, I vividly remember the days of crafting Google Ads with this message:

“Want to buy a house in Forte dei Marmi? Click here and contact me now!”

It was a fantastic time.

People saw the ad, clicked on it, visited my Landing Page (which was just my website’s homepage back then), and a significant number of those who clicked eventually contacted me.

It was incredibly easy back then to sell any product or service using a simple Google Ads ad that just said:

“Click here to buy/contact me.”

Many people became millionaires by leveraging this simple affiliate marketing system on ClickBank, starting with just a few hundred dollars: Google Ads ad with an affiliate link, and boom, endless money.

I don’t like dwelling on the past; I live in the present, always, it’s a way of life.

But if I could go back in time, I’d definitely choose to return to 2006.

Not only to witness Italy’s triumphs at the World Cup, but also because back then, it was possible to amass a fortune by investing only $100 or $200 a day with ClickBank + Google Ads.

Back in those years, there was no need for email marketing, blogging, creating videos, or other complexities.

You just had to promote ClickBank affiliate links for a range of profitable products on Google Ads, and you could generate crazy income that would eventually turn into millions of dollars.

That was true passive income because your only job was setting up the Google campaign and potentially earning infinitely, anytime, anywhere in the world.

Unfortunately, I didn’t fully capitalize on this opportunity at the time because I wanted to finish university, and the world of work was far from my goals.

However, this rapid enrichment system – which, unlike today’s scams, actually worked – like all good things, lasted only as long as the jar of Nutella I randomly find in the kitchen.

Overnight, marketers who were truly earning millions of dollars saw their entire ecosystem come to an end.

What happened specifically?

The turning point came when Google realized that one of the four parties involved in this affiliate marketing system, the people buying the promoted product through affiliates, was heavily deceived.

Meanwhile, the other three parties were making real money.

The “happy” three parties were the marketer promoting their affiliate link; the owner of the digital product selling their product through affiliates, and ClickBank (I don’t remember if ClickBank’s earnings were a percentage of sales or if the owner of the digital product paid a fixed fee, but it doesn’t matter much).

As many know, the ClickBank products available at the time for affiliate promotion – most of which were ebooks – weren’t exactly high-value content.

The digital product with the highest conversion rate was an ebook containing strategies to win at casinos and make money online.

Essentially, it taught you the trick of betting on red or black in roulette.

It was a scam ebook because we all know that this technique is the surest way to lose money, and there are no magic strategies to win at slot machines or the red or black technique, known as the Martingale system, which is destined to lose everything over time.

In online casinos, as soon as the server detects that the user is using the Martingale technique, it quickly makes them lose everything.

Folks, the government isn’t easily fooled by a simple ebook.

However, the low cost of that $49.99 ebook, combined with people’s naivety hoping for easy money, made it very popular and generated millions and millions of dollars in sales.

So, in response to this, Google, understanding the unreliability of the product and feeling threatened by the spread of fraudulent ads on its servers – which would soon irreversibly undermine its authority – completely banned the promotion of links with affiliate codes within them.

Therefore, since then, it’s no longer allowed to promote a link ending with a series of blatantly coded letters and numbers, like “sd87sdf87s98d7f.”

This radical and, dare I say, historic change (later adopted by Facebook Ads as well) has shaped the marketing landscape we find ourselves in today.

It marked a boundary between before and after.

Moreover, due to these repeated scams, people woke up and lost much of their naivety, so nowadays, selling is really tough.

Today, people don’t trust anyone on the internet anymore and believe they’re constantly being deceived, which is why they carefully reflect (even for months) before opening their wallets to buy something from websites or people they don’t know.

The Importance of a Marketing Funnel Builder

What does this mean for us?

It means that unfortunately, we can’t be as direct as before, telling people “Click here and buy my product.”

Building trust has become a must for sales success nowadays.

Think about it: would you ever buy from a site you don’t know and don’t trust, when you have Amazon right there with its lower prices and endless credibility?

People have been burned and disappointed, losing trust in almost all online advertising.

Unfortunately, this applies to any niche, even for those selling physical products or ordinary services.

So, we need to start from scratch and regain consumers’ trust.

This is where the importance of a marketing funnel builder comes in.

To establish trust, as you likely understand, it’s crucial to initially engage with the market without requesting money upfront.

Instead, we should provide something valuable at no cost.

Otherwise, we risk causing suspicion, with people assuming we’re just another online scam.

This incentive should be enticing enough for them to willingly share their email addresses with us, enabling us to concentrate on email marketing efforts.

After all, we rely on sales as entrepreneurs.

So, here’s the solution: we need to create a page called a Landing Page where people can provide their email address in exchange for downloading our valuable free educational material, called a lead magnet.

By leaving their email on this page, people will be automatically added to the mailing list created on AWeber and will start receiving our communications (email marketing), with the ultimate goal of converting them into paying customers.

This automated process, commonly known as a “marketing funnel,” will be created using an online software called ClickFunnels, currently the number one software in the world for creating marketing funnels.

How to Set Up ClickFunnels

Although ClickFunnels might be slightly less intuitive than AWeber, you can still navigate the technical aspects with the help of the official guide and, if needed, YouTube videos.

To get started, head to the ClickFunnels homepage and sign up for a no-obligation free trial.

Then, follow the step-by-step tutorial on the Classic Funnel Builder, which explains the technical process of creating your first marketing funnel, providing detailed explanations for each step along with images and videos.

You’ll notice that the system automatically generates a Landing Page and a Thank You Page, both of which we’ll discuss in dedicated blog posts.

AWeber Integration

The final step to properly set up ClickFunnels involves integrating it with AWeber.

Integrating ClickFunnels and AWeber allows people to sign up through the Landing Page created by ClickFunnels and be added to AWeber’s mailing list, where they can receive our educational communications.

This connection is established automatically, without requiring any additional effort.

Click here to integrate ClickFunnels with AWeber.

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