The key to success in marketing and in business, as I have explained many times before, does not lie in tools or technicalities.

Business success is tied to understanding your target audience.

You can use all social media platforms, have a blog with 1,000 posts, and a YouTube channel with 2,000 videos.

But if you convey the wrong message or fail to meet the expectations of your target audience, your marketing efforts – even if you are present everywhere and offer various free content – will never bring you the desired results.

There’s a reason for that: it doesn’t make sense to use any marketing tool or communication medium when you’re not sure who you’re targeting.

Take a moment to ask yourself these questions:

  • What do you need to communicate to pique your customers’ interest?
  • How many of your customers know you and your company?
  • How do they perceive your product?
  • Do they know they have a problem?
  • Do they understand that there might be a solution?

When we engage in cold lead generation, especially on Facebook Ads, most potential customers don’t perceive anything.

They don’t know you or your company, and, most importantly, they are not aware of the existence of a solution to a problem they don’t know they have.

Others are aware they have a problem but don’t know that there is a specific solution to it.

Yet others know there is a solution but purchase it from your competitors because they don’t realize that your product or service solves the problem better.

As you can see, there are different combinations of customers and levels of awareness.

While it’s fine to have a single message for all customers at first, eventually you’ll need to move to the next step and understand that different marketing messages need to be created for each level of awareness.

As your company or business grows, your customers begin to have different needs.

In some cases, you’ll need to communicate a message and build a more direct marketing system aimed at those who may have already purchased from you.

In other cases, you’ll need to be more indirect and not behave like a typical salesman when addressing people who have never heard of you.

In this blog post, I’ll show you the variable matrix to help you understand how to create different marketing flows.

There are companies, especially those that are billion-dollar enterprises, that work with 40 different types of clients.

This means they have 40 marketing messages and at least 120 marketing funnels.

Do you know what it means to create 40 different marketing messages?

It means understanding your customers’ needs perfectly and, above all, at what level of awareness they are within the variable matrix.

Marketing can undoubtedly be completely automated, but first, you need to create a system that works and, in particular, create a powerful brand known to your target audience.

Once these two objectives are achieved, your product will sell quickly, like Apple’s, and then you can automate your marketing.

Don’t worry; it won’t be difficult: just follow the conceptual lessons that I’ll explain to you in this new step: What Is Customer Segmentation“.