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Selecting the Best Email Marketing Software

Although there are many autoresponders on the market, my advice is to choose AWeber, which is currently the best worldwide option in terms of quality-price ratio.

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Why AWeber, you might ask?

As shown by this study from EmailToolsTester, AWeber has a high deliverability rate, meaning it can ensure a high percentage of email delivery to your contacts’ primary inbox.

Besides Email Tool Tester’s test, I can confirm that my emails reach practically all my leads.

Pay close attention to deliverability because it’s crucial.

Unfortunately, in the marketing education field, it’s not hard to find courses or ebooks from so-called business gurus selling the number one hypnotic writing technique in the world capable of selling ice to Eskimos.

I doubt their abilities, but I want to draw your attention to another concept: being able to create a highly persuasive message (which is already very difficult) is entirely useless if your emails end up in the spam folder and aren’t read.

The sad reality today is that email spam is on the rise, forcing major email providers like Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and others to implement strong security measures to filter incoming emails.

These security measures are sometimes overly aggressive; in fact, the overprotective nature of these email providers often leads them to mistakenly identify legitimate emails as fraudulent or scams, routing them to spam folders.

This scenario marks the end of email marketing because, let’s be honest, who regularly checks their spam folder on this planet, except when doing an annual email cleanup?

Unfortunately, no software available today can guarantee a 100% delivery rate to your contacts’ primary inboxes.

Don’t believe anyone who claims otherwise; it’s simply untrue.

Email providers are automated systems, and no human examines messages personally; these providers are not aware that users have voluntarily subscribed to mailing lists and agreed to receive your communications.

Therefore, many legitimate emails may be mistakenly interpreted as aggressive advertising, even if sent in good faith.

All this extensive discussion is just to say that I recommend AWeber because it currently represents the best compromise on the market, ensuring among the highest percentages of successfully delivered emails to your contacts’ primary inboxes compared to all other software options.

How to Set Up AWeber

Setting up AWeber from a technical standpoint is pretty straightforward, especially because the official guide is comprehensive and provides step-by-step explanations.

Plus, it’s constantly updated, which I love.

To begin, visit the AWeber homepage.

Sign up using the free trial, as I suggested a few lines ago, and then follow the official AWeber guide, which will walk you through creating a lead list that will be automatically populated every time a potential customer decides to download your free material and subscribe to your newsletter (our famous mailing list).

Simply create an “On Subscribe” list.

Now, if you already have email addresses for potential customers, you can add them manually.

Otherwise, create an empty list that will be filled in automatically when you start the marketing process in the upcoming blog posts.


Initially, AWeber, not knowing you or the nature of your business, will require your potential contacts to confirm their subscription to your newsletter.

This means that when they sign up from your Landing Page, they won’t immediately join your mailing list; they’ll have to accept an automated message sent by AWeber.

This can actually pose a significant hurdle that will drastically reduce the conversion rate because often this automated message from AWeber ends up in the potential lead’s spam folder and may not be read or confirmed, leaving the potential lead’s subscription status in “pending,” and the system won’t send them any newsletters.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to manage this hurdle until you reach a certain number of subscriptions.

As soon as AWeber allows you, you’ll absolutely need to remove this inconvenience, technically called “double opt-in,” from your list settings.

The advice I give you, at least initially until you have the opportunity to remove this double confirmation, is to immediately send an email to your leads asking them to check for this message even in the spam folder and to click on the link they find.

For further technical details on this important topic, you can read the blog post on the official AWeber guide titled Can I disable confirmed opt-in?

Understanding the Difference between Follow-Up and Broadcast Emails

AWeber gives you the option, among others, to create two types of messages to send to your list: a follow-up sequence and broadcast emails.

Let’s understand the differences.

A follow-up sequence is a series of emails automatically sent by AWeber after being set up by us.

These typically contain our free content, like the ones I send you daily, which have already been written and set up by me some time ago, and now I just make some small adjustments to them.

Broadcast emails, on the other hand, are those we send when we want, for example, during a limited-time special offer (like when I send you offers for my books on Amazon) or when we receive a brilliant testimonial about our work.

It’s a rather simple concept.

The follow-up sequence, as you can easily understand, is the most important of all because it will be the sequence that communicates daily with your mailing list and your leads.

Your job is to create a series of messages that are automatically sent every time someone decides to download your lead magnet and subscribe to your mailing list.

Example of a follow-up campaign on AWeber
Example of a follow-up campaign on AWeber.

This is my main email marketing campaign on AWeber.

As you can see, I follow the same guidelines that I provide to you, and my subscribers will easily recognize the subject of the first email they receive from me.

So when a person subscribes to the list via an opt-in on your Landing Page, our first email is sent immediately.

The goal is clearly to create an endless automatic series, sent one day after the other.

We’ll delve into all this in the email marketing blog post; right now, I just wanted to make sure you understood why to purchase AWeber and how to set it up correctly.

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